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Aug 26, 2014

Anonymous said: You haven't posted in a while, are you ok?

Oh, I hadn’t noticed, I have been on, mostly just “creeping” I guess. I’m good though thank you 

Aug 17, 2014

Logic: apply concealer under my eyes to cover up dark circles, only to run eye shadow under my lower lash line- fake dark circles always look better than real ones 

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Someone left the fox machine running again. No, please don’t fix it.

is this heaven

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Suppose I might as well go go sleep and get rid of this headache before it sets in
Aug 17, 2014

Suppose I might as well go go sleep and get rid of this headache before it sets in

But the truth is - women WANT to have sex and they take great pleasure from it. It is not beneath their dignity, it doesn’t make them unpure, it doesn’t invalidate or hurt them. Women are not fragile creatures that needs some kind of special treatment or consolement. They are not to be treated like some kind of rare, tropical plant and they do not need someone to lecture them on how to be in bed.
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Don’t let yourself just be a comfort food for somebody that he just grabs and takes a bite when he’s down. Go be someone’s favorite food that he craves every single time.
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I actually think I might be “forever alone” seriously I am 25 and I have a serious lack of love life.

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classic disney week; day 5 - favorite classic couple

lady and the tramp (1955)

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